Deep Cleaning Odourless Descaler

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Designed to cut through even the most stubborn build up, Deep Cleaning Odourless Descaler is the ultimate solution for anyone struggling with hard water stains and mineral build up in their home or workplace. With its advanced formula, this powerful descaler disinfectant and refresher rapidly removes dirt and limescale build up from toilet bowls and urinals. Especially effective in hard water areas.

What sets Deep Cleaning Odourless Descaler apart is its unique odourless formula, which makes it safe and easy to use even in enclosed spaces. Unlike other descaling products that can leave behind harsh chemical odours, this powerful cleaner is completely safe and odour-free, making it the perfect solution for anyone looking to clean their home or workplace without any unpleasant odours or fumes.

With its powerful formula and odourless design, Deep Cleaning Odourless Descaler is the perfect solution for anyone looking to tackle tough limescale and mineral build up. Pack of 12, 1l bottles.

Deep Cleaning Odourless Descaler
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