Blue 20L Bucket With Castors

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Our 20L blue bucket and wringer is a one-piece rigid polypropylene bucket with castors and nylon gears that help make cleaning easier. The capacity of this bucket is 20L.

Blue to help you identify and comply with the colour-coded cleaning process and identify which supplies and equipment are specific to each area. It can be paired with  Blue Mop handles and twine mop heads for a complete blue mop bucket and wringer solution.

Blue 20L Bucket With Castors
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SKU 660
Hazardous Item No
  • 3 Inch castors
  • Complete with Wringer
  • 20L Capacity
  • One-piece rigid polypropylene bucket

What does the colour blue mean for cleaning?

When it comes to cleaning, blue is code for a low-risk area. This means areas where there is generally a lower risk for bacterial infection and cross-contamination compared to food preparation areas and washrooms. Blue color-coded cleaning supplies can be used across a broader range of surfaces and areas such as communal areas, offices, classrooms hallways, etc. 

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