1.25 Metre Aluminium Mop Handle - Blue Grip

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Our good quality aluminum mop handles complete with screw thread fit our mophead range. Made from aluminum, it provides a lightweight and durable mop handle, while a length of 1.25m helps to provide better reach to help make cleaning easier.  


Blue gripped to help you identify and compile the colour-coded cleaning process and identify which supplies and equipment are specific to each area. Blue Mop handle is perfect for using in low -risk areas.

1.25 Metre Aluminium Mop Handle - Blue Grip
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  • 1.25M aluminium mop handle
  • Lightweight mop handle 
  • Blue mop handle


What does the colour blue mean for cleaning?

When it comes to cleaning, blue is code for a low-risk area. This means areas where there is generally a lower risk for bacterial infection and cross-contamination compared to food preparation areas and washrooms. Blue colour-coded cleaning supplies can be used across a broader range of surfaces and areas such as communal areas, offices, classrooms hallways, etc. 


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